Sunday, November 11, 2007

per square metre

Despite my feet being crippled by my shoes (as mentioned previously), I walked all the way to Per Square Metre gallery last night for the opening of the 'cups and cuddles' exhibition.

It was so worth the painful walk. There were so many beautiful pictures. I wish I had some spare money to buy some. I loved it all, but I think my favourite works were by Catherine Campbell. I have been keeping an eye on her blog and her etsy store lately, and I think sooner or later I will make a purchase.


joyzipper said...

whee new blog! very nice.

i was going to text and see if you wanted to go to this opening with me! but my red shoes also crippled me so i decided to stay home and veg. :p
(will have to check it out this weekend)

holajed said...

i was going to see if you wanted to come but then i was not feeling that well and thought i would just do a quick pop in. you will love it!

what is it with red shoes?

joyzipper said...

red shoes are evil, clearly!