Monday, February 21, 2011

Golden Half, Petri, XA-2

West Brunswick


Phillip Island

Spanish Festival

New photos on my Flickr taken with the Golden Half (a new favourite, glad I finally took it out of the packet 3 years after buying it in Japan!). Also some film that I double exposed with the Petri rangefinder and the Olympus XA-2. (I double exposed it because I thought the Petri was broken and figured I'd have some fun with it on the chance that some of the shots had worked).

Other news: my exhibition at the Queensland Centre for Photography opens this Saturday afternoon! I'm flying to Brisbane for the opening. Fortunately the lovely staff of QCP will install the show for me so that I don't need to take time off work.

And I have other great news, I have been accepted to exhibit at KINGS Ari in November this year. I've started working on a whole new body of work for the show. It's fantastic knowing from the start what space I will be showing in as I can keep that in mind when I'm thinking about objects and scale.