Tuesday, July 21, 2009

handmade camera

When I went to Japan last year I bought three different camera kits - each one makes a plastic and cardboard pinhole camera which takes 35mm film, though each is slightly different. For some reason it has taken me over a year to sit down and make one of the cameras. Now that I have made one, I am really excited about making the rest!

All of the instructions for this camera were in Japanese, but they were easy to follow because of incredibly clear diagrams. Also, each piece in the kit had a corresponding number on the instructions. Lucky, because there must have been 50 different pieces!

The camera is held together with small plastic stickers, and is constructed of cardboard and plastic. The pinhole itself is f130, which requires about a 2-3 second exposure in sunlight with 100ISO film.

I shot a roll of film yesterday and it was quite challenging to hold the camera steady for such long exposures, even when leaning on a fence or the ground. I'll be getting the printed photos back tomorrow - and will be sure to post some online. Even if the results aren't great, I am totally in love with this camera just because of how cute it is.

Monday, July 13, 2009

west brunswick

I went for a walk this afternoon with my Holgaroid and my Polaroid SX70. I mostly went out to get away from my cat who must have missed me on the weekend because he spent the entire morning trying to sit right on my chest so I couldn't get any work done. I also thought it might be nice to have a look at the local back streets, since I am fairly new to West Brunswick.

I discovered there are some amazing houses around here. There are quite a few 1920s california bungalows and some art deco rounded-front brick homes. I saw some pretty fantastic gardens too. Funny trimmed hedges, ramshackle english style cottage gardens, vines, japanese cherry blossoms.

I took about a pack of shots on the SX70, and posted a few on my flickr. I also took some Holgaroids but something bad has obviously happened since I loaded the film a few months ago, because they all turned out with light leaks along the bottom right. This is a valuable lesson in why you should shoot a whole roll while it's fresh! So annoying!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


BEARS! in Hamish's kitchen: Me, Hamish, Kristen.

My new-ish band, BEARS!, recorded a couple of demos on the weekend. We started playing together and writing songs in January. We haven't played live yet so this is the first time we've had any music to show anyone. The songs are on myspace at the link below. We've got about 8 songs now, and we are hoping to start playing shows in the next few months. I play drums and sing backing vocals. My friends Hamish and Kristen do guitar and bass, and they both do most of the singing. We have a lot of fun, I hope it shows in the music.

Listen to BEARS!