Monday, November 12, 2007

panda panda panda

Let me say, first of all, I realise these pandas are LUDICROUS. But I still kinda love them.

So, let's start with the less ludicrous of the pair. This guy was my second attempt. Half panda, half penguin.

And here he is with his older, femimine brother, my first panda. I don't think you can even tell that pinky IS a panda.

Stay tuned for Matt's panda. I think it's going to make me want to give up panda sewing forever.


vic said...

That black panda is so cute. You can definitely see improvements from your first try. The pink one looks like the black one's retarded cousin or something. But they're both great!! xx

holajed said...

thanks vic! the pink one was not meant to look so ridiculous. it was a real test of putting something i could picture in my head into reality. spatial relationships and all that jazz. i could not believe how difficult it was to make them!

joyzipper said...

hee hee they're so cute! it would have been hard to make something like this without a pattern. the second one definitely looks like a panda, but even the demented one is adorable in its own way!

Alex said...
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