Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hearts and Arrows at Edition X

Edition X in Melbourne is now exclusively stocking my editioned prints from Hearts and Arrows.  Edition X is a new retail and online store in North Fitzroy, and a sister store to the beautiful contemporary jewellery store Pieces of 8. Edition X stocks very desirable jewellery, art and objects from local and international makers, so take a look some time! They also stock my limited edition badges featuring works from the Souvenir series. 

Image: Edition X

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Installation at Reactive Melbourne

For our quarterly R & D day at work last week I made an installation in the stairwell. Unlike the rest of our office, which is a light, bright space with high ceilings, the stairwell is quite dark and purely functional. We use it to go in and out of the building, and have no reason to linger. I wanted to transform the stairs into an inviting, warm space where staff can go and sit when they want a place to think away from their desks or meeting rooms.

I decorated the stairs with garlands made from crepe paper, pom poms and feathers. I strung fairy lights for some extra magic. I placed cushions on the floor and opened the door so fresh air could float around the garlands.

Then I invited people to come sit with me in the cavity under the stairs. We talked about what the space reminded them of and what they would name it. Many people mentioned dreamcatchers and other Native American symbols, as well as Tibetan prayer flags and the colours of the Bangkok night markets. People thought of birds and breezes and tropical places. Finally, I took pictures of everyone in the space.

Thank you to everyone for letting me share the photos I took of them. There are more photographs here.  

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas sale

I'm having a little sale for Christmas in my Etsy store. Enter the coupon code 10PERCENT at checkout to get 10% off your order. Only until 15 December (to make sure your post arrives in time!).


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hearts and Arrows opening night

Some photos from the Hearts and Arrows opening night at Kings - nearly two weeks ago now! Thank you to Kristen for taking these for me. Two weeks left for the exhibition. All the details here.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hearts and Arrows

Since my exhibition at KINGS Ari is now open, I thought it was about time I shared the full Hearts and Arrows photo collages for my non-Melbourne audience to see! If you are in Melbourne, please come to the exhibition to also see my woollen textile works and silver wall painting! It's on until 19 November. 

Works above:

Amethyst, 2011
Type-C digital print
60x60 cm
$845, framed
$600, unframed
Edition of 5 + AP

Augite, 2011
Type-C digital print
60x60 cm
$845, framed
$600, unframed
Edition of 5 + AP

Bischofite, 2011
Type-C digital print
100 x 90 cm
$1,450, framed
$1,000, unframed
Edition of 5 + AP

Garnet, 2011
Type-C digital print
60x60 cm
$845, framed
$600, unframed
Edition of 5 + AP

Quartz, 2011
Type-C digital print
60x60 cm
$845, framed
$600, unframed
Edition of 5 + AP

Topaz, 2011
Type-C digital print
60x60 cm
$845, framed
$600, unframed
Edition of 5 + AP

Yellow Diamond, 2011
Type-C digital print
60x60 cm
$845, framed
$600, unframed
Edition of 5 + AP 

All prices in Australian dollars. Enquiries to lieslpfeffer [at] gmail dot com

Monday, October 17, 2011

I wrote a story

I wrote a story for new Australian iPad journal Three Magazine. My article is about my experience of having synaesthesia. If you have an iPad, you can follow the link above to install the Three Magazine app and read the magazine for free. My story is in the 1st issue, from September 2011. Hope you like it!

The image above is from the layout of the magazine, courtesy of Three Magazine. The colours are my personal synaesthetic alphabet. Please feel welcome to comment if you have synaesthesia!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hearts & Arrows - my next exhibition in Melbourne

Hearts and Arrows (2011) is an exhibition of photo-media collages and textile works depicting minerals, crystals, gemstones and diamonds. The title references diamond cutting: ‘hearts and arrows’ diamonds are said to be unmatched in precision, beauty and perfection. The works in this exhibition are playful and colourful interpretations of rare precious stones prized for their beauty, mystery and luxury. Bright, hard-edged photo-collages are juxtaposed beside whimsical folk art textiles. The experience of viewing the exhibition is to be immersed in a synthetic world of facets, colour, prisms and light.

Kings Artist Run Initiative

Lvl 1 / 171 King St.
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Opening Night:
Friday 28 October, 6-8pm
Exhibition continues until 19 November 2011

Gallery hours:
Wed – Sat, 12-6pm

Please feel very welcome to come to opening night!

Image: Liesl Pfeffer, Yellow Diamond 2011, 60 x 60 cm, archival c-type print

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm back from my holiday to Morocco, France and the UK. I had an incredible time, and am deeply in love with Morocco now.

There are many, many photos from my trip on Flickr.

Photo above taken by me in Rabat.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Going on Vacation

I'm heading overseas in two weeks, so I'll be putting my Etsy store on vacation mode. If you've had your eye on anything lately, please place your order before next week!

Picture above: Kristen hand modelling Leaf.

A little more press

My framed exhibition print, The Mountains Wait, is in this lovely feature in the back page of September's Australian House and Garden! Such a nice looking page - I love the Stempel macrame plant holder!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A little more press to share today. Two of my prints (one is on the fold so hard to see in this picture) are in this lovely colourful bedroom styled in Livingetc magazine's August issue. Livingetc is a UK based home/lifestyle magazine. I can't wait to find a copy here in Melbourne (a trip to Magnation is on the cards for me this weekend!). The prints featured are The Mountains Wait and One Hundred Days Away from my CultureLabel store

Oh and I want that bedspread. Green and white stripes are a definite favourite of mine!

Monday, June 20, 2011

My first Australian retail stockist

If you're in Tasmania, drop by Spacebar Gallery in the Salamanca Arts Centre to see my art prints on display (and for sale!). Spacebar is my first Australian retail stockist, so I am totally thrilled! The shots below show my work in store. Thanks to Calista at Spacebar for sending these through!

Spacebar is a retail art space featuring jewellery, fashion, art and homewares. Details below:

Studio 021 (off Wooby's Lane)
Salamanca Arts Centre
77 Salamanca Place

Opening Hours
Mon to Thu 10am-4pm
Fri 10am-5pm
Sat 9am-4pm

Images: Spacebar Gallery

Sunday, June 19, 2011

In SHOP magazine

Isn't this sweet? My print Mountain Rock has been included in a lifestyle feature in the July issue of fashion mag Shop til you Drop. The issue has all Australian content, which is pretty rad! It's really nice to have support for my artwork here in Australia - I often feel like it is US and European media who notice my artwork the most! 

I have also just found my first Australian stockist for my prints (details to come!).