Sunday, November 11, 2007

crafty weekends

My friend from work (Matt) and I decided two weeks ago that we needed more craft in our lives. Well, it wasn't really that conscious a decision. We started off by drawing a simple portrait of each other (from a photo, not from life). It was so much fun, I laughed the whole time I was drawing, because I was truly terrible at it. Then Matt suggested we make it a weekly thing, so I set the next task: make a soft toy. Matt knows I am currently obsessed with panda cuteness, so he suggested we make pandas. Oh yes, it sounded so easy.

It wasn't.

I made my first panda yesterday, and oh boy, it's a bit of a mess. I made another one today, learning from my mistakes, and I think this one is considerably better. But still quite a mess! It was really fun, and a good spatial challenge. It required all my planning abilities just to work out which part to sew first. I still think there must be an easier way.

Here are our portraits. I will put pictures of the pandas up in a few days when we have had time to photograph them.

Me (by Matt - as he said, I look like a character from Ghost World)

Matt (by me - please don't laugh - oh go on, you can if you want)


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holajed said...

hi! that was quick!

vic said...

You can't hide from me. Ever! (Your site popped up in my blog referrals!) I can't wait to see what else you make/write/do. Will you post panda pictures? xx