Sunday, November 25, 2007


This week's craft activity is nautical themed origami. I googled a long time to find origami pirate instructions, but no dice. Then I tried to find a whale, but couldn't find one that wasn't for the seriously advanced origamist.

Then I found the manatee. Always one of my favourite sea creatures. Now I just need to find the right origami paper. I made a test run and he is so cute. I'll post pictures later.

If anyone wants to make an origami manatee, here's the link.

And here's a manatee, aw:


joyzipper said...

That manatee is adorable!
I used to rock at origami but can't remember any of it now. There's still some origami paper lying around; you're welcome to them if they're what you're looking for!

holajed said...

ooh if you can spare a square (haha...seinfeld jokes are still gold) or two, that would be good! i can't find mine! so annoying, as i had some really pretty ones