Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year Projects

My friends and I agree that 2011 is the year of doing. Taking everything we do further. Pushing ourselves to take risks and seek out new opportunities.

So, no time like the present to post a little update on my goals and projects for 2011!

Thus far I have completed a logo design commission for a Melbourne-based artist run record label and applied for an artist residency in Dayton, Ohio.

This year I really want to participate in an overseas artist residency to further my professional practice. I am also applying for a residency in Singapore.

My list of things to do has so many applications on it - applications for exhibitions, art prizes, residencies and grants. I think I am getting better at writing these things!

And most importantly I want to complete a new body of work! I have a fairly good idea of what I am going to do, and am going to get started today.

Now in fact!


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Joy said...

You're an inspiration!