Monday, August 30, 2010

The Wanderer

Everything about this book cover illustration by Edward Gorey appeals to me (found via my friend Dan's tumblr, originally via Flickr). I have been staring at it regularly for a week, trying to understand why it hits me so hard. Everything down to the typeface of the title seems absolutely perfect to me. I suppose originally the paper may have been white, but I think it's even better now it's darkened and aged. The house atop the hill, the shadowy trees, the lit path, the way the figure's cape jacket billows as he stands before the woods, his face gazing up and almost glowing... and of course the coloured lights hovering in the air... it is so intriguing and charming. And of course the concept of the wanderer appeals to me too, since one of my favourite things in the world is just to wander and look. 

From the moment I saw this image it has stayed with me. I was so drawn to it that I browsed the image pool on Flickr looking for other Gorey covers that might inspire so much interest in me. But I didn't find anything nearly as perfect. It's strange (and wonderful) when one image can completely hold me in it's thrall like this. 

I am certain I could look at this picture every day and still want to look at it some more. I am utterly in love.

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Michelle said...

It is really gorgeous and inspiring. I love the little spots of pink & yellow off in the background. I wonder what the book is! I've never even heard of it before.