Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter weekend

Did you enjoy the break over Easter? I found that having an extra long weekend was great for getting things done around the house. I had a bit of a spring clean in the kitchen - I even cleaned out the fridge! Also I planted a few succulents in some cute tins to decorate the backyard.

On Sunday in the late afternoon I had a lovely time over a few glasses of prosecco with Joy, Lana and Kristen, who you can see in these photos. It was Joy's birthday. That's me on the left in the bottom photo with my girlfriend Kristen. Hi!

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greg hatton said...

lions are definitely tougher than bears! I'm very impressed! and I thought you were just another try hard muso. maybe we can put a pfeffer show on at butterland, Your stuffs beautiful...very clever, say hi to my nbf, I miss her