Tuesday, April 20, 2010

busy busy

I have been busily getting ready for my forthcoming trip to the States. It's only ten days til I go!

Yesterday I finished my internship at the Next Wave Festival, which was sad because I've had a ball. The Festival will take place in May while I am away so I won't get to attend anything!

One of the most exciting projects for an animal lover like me is definitely Dachshund UN. I edited this video below whilst interning. You must watch! So cute.

Also, I want to let anyone who is thinking about ordering one of my prints at the moment (am I being presumptuous? sorry!) please think about making your order before I head off overseas! I will still be able to post prints while I am away but I will probably only set aside one of two days during May so there will be a bit of a delay.

Happy Tuesday!

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