Monday, August 10, 2009

monday morning

I have just read The Little Prince for the first time. It is so sweet and profound. I picked it off my housemate's shelf last night when I couldn't sleep, and finished it just now. What a great way to recover from what was a pretty awful day yesterday.

I've caught a cold. Today is usually one of my work from home days, but I think I will spend it in bed, rather than working on art projects. Annoying. I found an Alfred Hitchcock DVD collection in the loungeroom which has 45 movies on it, so I'll be pretty busy with that I think.

I finally processed a roll of film shot on my Anny (plastic camera from the 60's). It's a Diana clone, so it takes 120 medium format film. I am thrilled with the vignetting and rich colours. Half the roll was taken in 2005, the rest in 2009. More Anny photos on flickr.

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