Monday, October 17, 2011

I wrote a story

I wrote a story for new Australian iPad journal Three Magazine. My article is about my experience of having synaesthesia. If you have an iPad, you can follow the link above to install the Three Magazine app and read the magazine for free. My story is in the 1st issue, from September 2011. Hope you like it!

The image above is from the layout of the magazine, courtesy of Three Magazine. The colours are my personal synaesthetic alphabet. Please feel welcome to comment if you have synaesthesia!


patience said...

wow...liesl. you just completely blew my mind. i think it was when i read "how can a calendar surround you?" that something clicked. i'm not saying i have synaesthesia...i wouldn't know. it's just that i know exactly how a calendar can surround you, and when i was little i would try to get my friends to play a colour game where i asked them what colour they though certain months were or certain words were.

they would always say things like...february is red and december is red or green and april is purple or...really obvious stuff connected with holidays.

but for me december is brown/black, september is red and february is green (all f words are green for me, friendship, foe, etc...)
what is going on??? off to research...

Liesl Pfeffer said...

Thank you Patience for your comment!