Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm Stocked in Sweden!

I have been waiting oh so patiently to announce that my prints are now stocked in Sweden! The absolutely lovely Kristina and her team at Up Your Wall has just launched a range of prints of my recent work! The images here are from the series of product shots taken for the site by Carl Bengsston in Old Town, Stockholm. Aren't they absolutely beautiful?

I'm so happy to have a partnership in Sweden! Have a look at Up Your Wall for more information. 


Marky Mark said...

Hey Liesl,

That's awesome! Congratulations.

Mark x

Liesl Pfeffer said...

Thank you Mark! I'm chuffed :)

Dan said...

Belated congratulations, this is outrageously cool! I've been going around bragging on your behalf, it's so wonderful.

Liesl Pfeffer said...

Yay thanks Dan!

Sweden!! Another reason to go there!

Kristina said...

Yes Liesl, when are you coming?

We'd be happy to have you here!